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Experience the rush of our vibrant and exciting casino floor! The River Cree Resort and Casino is the best casino in the Greater Edmonton Area. Whatever you’re in the mood for, our resort will deliver with a fantastic selection of dining and nightlife options. We offer the best entertainment in Edmonton in our 100% smoke-free facility, also featuring Embers, our smoke-friendly gaming centre.

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Experience Embers, our smoke-friendly Casino with 405 slot machines and 14 table games.

A casino is a special place where gamblers gather.

The peak of casino popularity was the 19th century. They, as now, were based on various card games, roulette, slot machines. The latter came to us from the Canada.

Having originated in Europe, the casino has spread its influence to almost all countries of the world. But over time it became clear that their activities should not be free, but under the control of state structures.

Now organized gambling, including online casinos, is allowed in many states, but in limited quantities and within the limits of officially applicable legislation.

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River Cree Casino Principle

In an honest casino, everyone is given to win, the percentage of money back is very high.

Casino Slots

The main principle of such games is their monetary nature. Many people are probably familiar with such a literary plot in which the main character has to hide from the bandits hired by the casino in order to return the huge amount of money he won. But this is just a plot, and nothing more. If only because it is extremely rare to get a huge amount. And even if this happens, the casino, one way or another, remains at its own. Its activities, as well as all possible circumstances, are foreseen and calculated, otherwise the owner could become bankrupt after each big win.

In addition, the player is protected by the law of his country. In some states, it is required not to disclose the name of the winner, so as not to create unnecessary danger for him. This prevents any possible attempts to obtain money illegally.

Online casino features River Cree

You can win no less in a good online casino than in a simple casino.

The emergence of casinos on Internet sites marked the deployment of programs to attract new users. One of these ways is the introduction of pleasant bonuses. Such virtual establishments, as a rule, attract gamblers, they are interesting to the public and, as a result, turn out to be much more profitable for their owners. An excellent example of a modern online casino can be found here.

So, what kind of bonuses are we talking about? In fact, there are many of them. Let’s talk about the most common and attractive bonuses for participants. Perhaps the most famous scheme for attracting newbies is the presence of some amount in the account of a newly registered person. Not everyone knows about the existence of electronic money, and not everyone can use the system of their use, therefore, for people who have not yet mastered the new sphere, this may become a reason for refusing to participate. And such a small amount can significantly increase the likelihood that a participant will join the game process and become a regular user. And this is already half the success for a casino.

Speaking of bonuses, one can also mention special incentive programs that encourage participants to invite other people to the game. They act like this: a person invites his friend to play, he registers. For each newcomer, the casino credits a certain amount in the form of bonuses, which is also a pleasant moment.

Such simple, but quite effective methods make the process of participating in a casino interesting, encouraging participants to play themselves and attract others. There are gifts for birthdays and other holidays, various pleasant surprises. All this is being developed and introduced in order to increase the number of players and, accordingly, the resulting profit every day.

Who Is On The Hotel Staff?

The face of any River Cree Hotel is the staff. Upon entering any hotel, guests turn their attention not only to the interior, but also to the staff. The most common employees in these facilities are administrators, hotel managers, rooms, cooks, officiant, security guards.

If the hotel is large, then employed annimators, doctors, croupiers in the casino, masseurs, pericurists and manicurists. In today’s world the staff must have a PR-manager, as well as an administrator and manager to maintain the hotel web site.

The optimal staff of hotels

The number of hotel staff depends on the status. According to the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization the minimum number of employees in three-star hotels is 8 people, five-star – 20, four stars in the hotel of 12 professions. The minimum staff of the hotel must be 4 people.

What staff works in the hotel?

Director, manager and hotel manager – all the same position. Director, who manages all the infrastructure, has the power to make decisions. The most demanded profession is the housekeeper. Cleanliness – the main indicator, which shows the attitude to the guests of the hotel. That is why the rooms are able to maintain a decent level of cleanliness in the rooms and in the entire institution is valued very highly.

The receptionist is the first person you meet when you enter the hotel. So the receptionist must always have a nice look, be friendly and established. If you arise issues guests refer themselves to the administrator, who is able to quickly resolve the problem. The duties of the receptionist includes receiving calls and maintaining a list of guests who arrived / drove.

Four- and five-star hotels often have doormen. The porter welcomes guests at the entrance unlocking the doors. The duties of the porter include receiving the mail.

Since the hotel must have a restaurant and a bar, the staff includes cooks, bartenders and waiters.

What are the qualities that a hotel employee must have?
Each worker, who works in the tourism industry, must have a number of skills:

  • consistency;
  • politeness;
  • attention to detail;
  • Command of English, but also wishfully and several other languages;
  • punctuality.

These qualities must be possessed by all employees of the River Cree Hotel and guest house, as well as the management and service staff.

What are the specifics of a restaurant in a casino?

After all, these are gambling establishments that operate around the clock. Not all casinos have restaurants, some prefer to offer minimal hors d’oeuvres and a bar.

River Cree casino, a restaurant is considered a loss-making enterprise – since everything is done for the customer and almost everything is free for most customers. We have a VIP casino, compared to it, the restaurant brings a small profit – our guests have personal cards, on which the food is free (anything on the menu) and any drinks from the bar. The specificity of the VIP casino is that the guests are players, they rarely look at the menu. Most of the dishes that they order are not on the menu, and in spite of the fact that we have almost all the dishes of the world. But if a guest wants a simple hodgepodge or porridge, we’ll make it. If he tells us his recipe, we’ll make it for him, too. We know our regular guests, we know their preferences and tastes. This is both special and our duty – to cook to order. It turns out a creative kitchen.

So you need specific products for this kind of cuisine – for individual clients?

Yes, during a year of work we have studied our guests and reserve products for them but we are ready to “get something special out of the ground” – within reason, of course.

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely. We also prepare for cocktail parties, when a wide range of guests are invited to special events – not casino customers. Our manager, Arkady Novikov, asks us to cook more simple homemade, natural food, he believes the dish should decorate itself, it should be touched less by hand in the process of preparation.

You have a lot of fresh vegetables – as I understand, from Arkady

Anatolievich Novikov’s greenhouses?

Fresh vegetables and berries are indispensable here, organic, of our own production. The guest must be sure that here he is treated with the highest quality products all year round.

It turns out that in a casino restaurant the chef can not show what he can do, become a separate figure – the chef of the restaurant.

Here, of course, the chef is in the shadows. The main thing in a casino is the player and the game. Many people want an atmosphere of privacy, no gastronomic shows are required, you just have to serve the ordered food and drinks to the guest at a certain time. Waiters should be inconspicuous, not distract from the game.

Do you think that the casino should still have a full meal?

Of course. Some guests sit here all day long and, of course, tasty, hearty food is essential.